There will likely be more than a few homes for sale in Little Elm TX this summer. If your home is going to be one of them, you must make sure it stands out from the competition even in a seller’s market.  In addition to finding a great realtor, like Iryna Mitchell, to handle your home sale and to give you great advice, there are a number of things you can do to show your home in the best light and to make a quick sale.

You must detach emotionally from your home. Whether it’s been your family’s homestead for forty years or you’ve only been living in it a couple of years, you can get pretty attached to your home, which means you don’t see it objectively.  If your realtor gives you suggestions for making the home more attractive to buyers – and some of those suggestions mean removing evidence of your life in the home – don’t take it personally.  The goal is to move on and let someone else picture themselves in the home.

You must make a great first impression on the potential buyers. There really are very few do-overs in real estate.  If buyers come into your home and find it dirty, smelly, cluttered and full of your family’s knick-knacks, they won’t come back to give it a second look.  You have to depersonalize your home by removing family photos from walls, your kids’ artwork from the fridge and everything else that screams ‘you.’  In addition, the home should be clean and smell fresh.

You must always be ready to show your home. After a little while, selling a home can seem like a full-time job because you have to keep it looking presentable for every random buyer who wants to pop in.  But the time you have to do it will be cut shorter if you keep the home ready because you’ll be more likely to impress a buyer who’ll choose your home over other homes for sale in Little Elm TX.

You must not over-upgrade. If you’ve upgraded your home over the years to make it more liveable for yourself and your choices were tasteful, then buyers will notice and be more likely to buy the home.  If you’re looking to upgrade for the sole purpose of selling the home, don’t spend more money than you can recoup in a sale.  Adding stainless steel appliances and granite countertops to the kitchen is the best choice as kitchens often sell the home.  In addition, consider rehabbing worn-out bathrooms and repainting the interior in light, neutral colors.  Beyond that, you are likely spending money you won’t get back.

You must price your home to sell.You may want to maximize your profit on the home and in a seller’s market, the chances that buyers will pay more for your home than it’s worth increase.  But since you can’t count on that, make sure you talk to your realtor about pricing your home realistically.  There are a number of pricing strategies you can discuss with her that will ensure you get a quick sale and the most profit possible for your home.

If you’re ready to add your home to the list of homes for sale in Little Elm TX, call Iryna Mitchell at 903-439-5454. Iryna can help you through the difficult, often nerve-wracking process of selling a home.  Visit her online at irynamitchell to learn more.