Selling your house in the DFW area with a trusted agent

Iryna Mitchell - Realtor at RE/MAX DFW Associates. Call 903-439-5454 for all your real estate needs in the DFW area
Iryna Mitchell – Realtor at RE/MAX DFW Associates. Call 903-439-5454 for all your real estate needs in the DFW area

If you are ready to move to a bigger home or have a career move, I can help you sell your home! It doesn’t matter the size or DFW location, I will do my best to help you sell your home quickly and for a great price!

My primary focus is residential real estate consulting, backed by a decade of experience and local knowledge of the market trends.

My team includes professional photographers, staging experts, interior designers, a marketing director, licensed contractors, realtors and transaction coordinators, who will work hard on your behalf to sell your home.

I can quickly identify special features of a home and I know how to best market it to attract buyers. Properly pricing your property and making an honest assessment of needed improvements will increase chances of a quick sale for the best price.
As a realtor in Frisco, TX I use many different strategies to bring qualified buyers to your door steps and make sure your property gets maximum exposure on the market.

Get Ready To Sell Your House in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

From my experience selling a home is a lot different than buying homes. Buying a new home usually involves emotions and feelings, selling a home typically centers on maximizing your profit.

Selling a house requires a fair share of research, marketing and negotiation, combined with the local expertise of neighborhood attractions. In addition Pricing a property is a skill that combines strong knowledge of the market trends and the values of comparable properties recently sold.

Before putting the property on the market I always visit and research the neighborhoods to get a feel of what it is like to live in that community.

I ask owners many questions, like the ones below, please consider answering them:

  • What makes your home attractive to buyers?
  • What  attracted you to this home?
  • What features of your property distinguish it from other properties in your neighborhood?
  • What do you consider is the best improvement to your home?
  • Is there any problems or issues that will need to be disclosed to potential buyers?
Selling your House in DFW area? Contact Iryna Mitchell - Top Realtor at REMAX-DFW Associates at 903-439-5454

Use my Professional Real Estate Services When Selling Your House in DFW

When you hire me to Sell your house in the DFW area you can expect the following professional services:

Pre-listing services

  • 1. Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value.
  • 2. Perform exterior “curb appeal assessment” and interior of subject property.
  • 3. Offer professional pricing strategy based and interpretation of current market conditions.
  • 4. Discuss goals to market effectively.
  • 5. Explain market power of Web marketing, IDX, and
  • 6. Present and discuss strategic master marketing plan.
  • 7. Review results of Interior Decor Assessment and suggest changes to shorten time on market.
  • 8. Help with staging and decorating using sellers furniture

Listing services

  • 1. Order professional photography for property pictures and videos
  • 2. Measure interior room sizes.
  • 3. Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time with seller.
  • 4. Complete list of completed repairs and maintenance items.
  • 5. Arrange for yard sign installation and electronic lockbox.
  • 6. Assist seller with completion of Seller’s Disclosure form.
  • 7. Enter property into the MLS database
  • 8. Create print and Internet ads
  • 9. Marketing the listing
  • 10. Schedule Open houses
  • 11. Coordinate showings with owners, tenants and other agents. Return all calls–weekends included.
  • 12. Prepare flyers and feedback forms.
  • 13. Mail “Just Listed” notice to all neighborhood residents.
  • 14. Provide marketing data to buyers from international relocation networks.
  • 15. Submit ads to company’s participating Internet real estate sites.
  • 16. Convey price changes promptly to all Internet groups.
  • 17. Send feedback e-mails/faxes to buyers’ agents after showings.
  • 18. Review weekly Market Study.
  • 19. Place regular weekly update calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing.

The offers and the contract

  • 1. Receive and review all Offer to Purchase contracts
  • 2. Evaluate offer(s) and prepare “net sheet” on each for owner to compare.
  • 3. Counsel seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each offer.
  • 4. Confirm buyer is pre-qualified by calling loan officer.
  • 5. Negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf, setting time limit for loan approval and closing date.
  • 6. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance or amendments to buyer’s agent.
  • 7. Disseminate “Under-Contract Showing Restrictions” as seller requests.
  • 8. Deliver copies of fully signed Offer to Purchase contract to sellers.
  • 9. Advise seller in handling additional offers to purchase submitted between contract and closing.
  • 10. Receive and review septic system report and access any impact on sale.
  • 11. Coordinate buyer’s professional home inspection with seller.
  • 12. Review home inspector’s report.
  • 13. Help seller to negotiate any repair requests
  • 14. Coordinate appraisal
  • 15. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to appraiser
  • 16. Contact lender weekly to ensure closing is on track.
  • 17. Relay final approval of buyer’s loan application to seller.
  • 18. Closing preparations and duties
  • 19. Confirm closing date and time and notify all parties.
  • 20. Work with buyer’s agent in scheduling and conducting buyer’s final walkthrough prior to closing.
  • 21. Receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy.
  • 22. Review all closing documents carefully for errors.
  • 23. Attend closing!
Iryna Mitchell - Top Realtor at REMAX-DFW Associates helping home sellers in Frisco TX and DFW area

Let my years of Real Estate experience work for you!

If you are thinking about selling your home in the DFW area consider my help!
My team and I are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your real estate needs.

Once you made your decision to sell Don’t delay on getting your house on the market, I can help you get it ready to sell. Call me for a free consultation.

We will walk through your home with you and discuss the pros and cons and help you understand what a new buyer will see looking at your home for the first time.

I’ve got a great team of professionals that are ready to help you, so call me today at (903) 439-5454 or email me at