Where To Live

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Plano is a fast growing and large city located outside of Dallas, but also has all you need for your entertainment and living needs. You have several options to choose from, since Plano spans from East of Highway-75 to Tollway-121.


Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities outside of Dallas and is located in a great area. The schools in the city are expanding quickly, as the city is growing faster than urban planners’ estimates. Foreclosures Frisco TX are something to find a nice bargain on, but housing values are not taking the huge hit as you would expect, and the market continues to rise. They offer a lot to their citizens as they have one of the largest malls in the metroplex, as well as a professional baseball and a soccer team. Frisco is definitely somewhere to move to in the coming years.


McKinney is one of the most coveted areas to live in when moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as it is large and the school districts are great. They are located right near Highways 121 and 75 so that you are able to travel easily to the city for work or pleasure whenever you want.


Allen is growing quickly and they are one of the top cities in the United States and Texas. You can’t go wrong making the decision to move to Allen, just give us a call so that we can see if the city is right for you. They definitely have much to offer to keep you safe, happy, and entertained and are located conveniently to the rest of the North Dallas area as well.

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